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The Ashoka Society for International Affairs (ASIA) has one simple, but ambitious end: To bring the field of International Relations to the student body in its entirety. Ranging from panel discussions with journalists, policy makers and ambassadors (including the occasional lunch sessions), simulation games, sessions on the languages of IR, conversations with students writing thesis papers, and curating academic archives: we look to engage with IR both inside and outside the classroom, and hope that Ashoka joins us in this endeavour.



The media team is responsible for delivering interactive content and marketing events via our platforms, under the aegis of creativity. The department’s vision is to make International Relations accessible to people within and beyond Ashoka. The team plays a crucial role in developing A.S.I.A’s standing in today’s world.

Internal Events

The internals team is responsible for promoting IR within Ashoka. Their vision is to equip the Ashokan community with the theoretical frameworks required to contextualise IR in the world around us, with the help of engaging events. They plan, organise and host the events they come up with- events by us, for Ashoka. 

External Events and Outreach

Their vision is to establish Ashoka as a leading International Relations institute in the country. Their approach is aimed to help Ashokans pursue IR beyond their undergraduate level by providing necessary information and resources; and collaborate with global organisations to develop A.S.I.A’s international standing.

Ashoka Journal of International Relations

The Ashoka Journal of International Relations (AJIR) is our in-house academic journal that documents academic papers, opinion pieces, interviews, podcasts, and book reviews pertaining to the field of IR. We are open to submissions from both within and outside the Ashoka community.

Ashoka Review of International Affairs

A.R.I.A is a haven between academic and literary forms of writing, with an interdisciplinary focus based on critical analysis and creative engagement. It is an upcoming periodic publication set to involve diverse forms of content- ranging from photo essays, art, Op-eds, and just about anything creatively academic under the sun!